Small Family Projects to Large Corporate Jobs
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Fire Escape Balcony
This is a balcony we made for a fire escape.
Stair Case/ Fire Escape
This a stair case built for a fire escape. We have built many fire escape's for commercial buildings.
Fire Ring
We have made a few outdoor fire rings. This one we made for a fundraiser for cancer awareness.
Fire Ring #2
This is another fire ring we made for a fundraiser. Have a design in mind? Please call and talk with Tim and he can help to create your very own fire ring.
More Project Images Coming Soon!!
Balcony Railing
This is a custom made balcony railing we designed, fabricated and painted.
Residental Stairs
Part 1 of the custom made residential stairs we designed, fabricated and painted. Will post part 2 and finished product when project is complete.
The images above are blenders we made for a local plastic manufacturing facility.
Fabricating duct work for an asphalt plant
Custom made wood boiler
Small steel rack fabricated and painted for another local business.
Window Weights
Galvanized Panels
Fabricated Grapple
Custom Aluminum Storage Container
Below is a picture of new tube sheet we cut out for an asphalt bag house
More new fabrication work for asphalt bag house
Finished fire pit and below is the design before it is rolled into the ring.
Breach for asphalt plant